Directions for use

Remedy for dry rough skin
Pure pumice Footstone works wonders in restoring comfort and beauty to your feet. Used regularly, Footstone will keep skin soft and smooth, prevent buildup of hard callus tissue.
• Smoothes heels and elbows
• Helps prevent hosiery snags and runs
• Removes thick hardened skin
• Controls painful corns and calluses

Safe treatment
This pumice stone contains no harshchemicals. Won’t irritate skin. It is odorless, tasteless, non-staining. A floating stone that won’t dissolve or break down in water, Footstone makes a perfect travel mate for purse or vanity case.

Bathe feet in warm water. Dip Footstone in bath water. Rub firmly over hard skin. Apply body lotion or mineral oil to treated areas. Continue using Footstone each time you bathe or shower. If pain due to corns and calluses persists, consult a podiatrist.